Specialized Projects

Los Arabis Drive, Lafayette, CA.

This project consisted of replacing a failing 5’ deep retaining wall and improved foundation support for the descending staircase in a mature garden setting. The new work required drilling 14-18” piers, installation of substantial foundation and improved drainage. When the project was nearing completion it required matching plaster finishes and stone work and re-leveling the fountain to be completed before the spring growing season. Minimal disturbance to the plants and surrounding elements was essential. Credit- Ting Yueng & associates structural engineering, Lois Rodriquez Plastering.

66 St. Stephens Drive, Orinda, CA.

As is the case with many older buildings making them accessible for people with disabilities can be challenging.  This beautiful older Church in Orinda, CA. gently nestled into the side of a hill is such a challenge. Architecturally designed by Robert Walker with Structural Design by Degen Kolb this elevator accommodates those people who need access to the sanctuary from the lower parking lot. Thyssen Krup Elevator provided the quiet ride to the top!

66 St. Stephen’s Drive, Orinda, CA.

To meet the needs of a growing congregation with many evening programs to benefit the community, this church needed to provide additional, safe parking. Our local paving Contractor James Lucas Paving ground the existing surface in place to increase the stability & longevity of the new surface. A new design provided a 10% parking capacity increase along with security lighting and improved shading.

Tarry Lane, Orinda, CA.

Built in 1950 this Sleepy Hollow Home was carefully and thoroughly renovated in the late 90’s but due to a concern over the health of a 200 year old valley oak tree that graces the rear yard, patio construction was postponed until 2010. Tony Demola of Bartlett Tree cared for the tree since 2000 and was retained during construction of this outdoor patio replacement. George Girvin of Girvin Architects provided the architectural design that put the finishing element on this home to enjoy outdoor family activities. Joe Pargett of  Pargett  landscaping finished the plant installation and outdoor lighting just in time to take advantage of the summer growing season.