Charitable Foundation

Lafayette Legacy Construction Charitable Foundation

Lafayette Legacy Construction Charitable Foundation was created with one mission in mind:

To create opportunities and support educational programs designed to provide the homeless with the necessary skills that will lead to full time employment, which will sustain independent living in an apartment or home; thereby reducing the number of struggling individuals and families.

It has been a passion of Lafayette Legacy to give back to the community whenever possible, not only participating in construction projects in the Bay Area, but contributing back to our neighborhoods as well. Many of us who often take our comfortable living situations for granted not realizing that there are people out there who have no place to call home, take care of themselves, or take care of their families. No matter where home is to us, we see the growing problem of homelessness everyday. Providing temporary homes and accommodations to those in need can significantly change their outlook on life and reality of success. Therefore Lafayette Legacy has chosen to recently create a charitable arm to the company. Whether an individual, a mother and her child, or an entire family caught in the grips of this struggling economy, we will strive to make a difference and impact the entire homeless community at large.