Hotel Transition


A bold vision for addressing America’s growing homeless crisis


Excerpts from the ”Hotel Transition” proposal…

Hotel Transition will be a meaningful, unscripted and perpetual weekly TV series created to proactively address the challenges of becoming suddenly homeless in America.

By interfacing the production techniques of today’s “communal living” reality series with web-based social media platforms we can influence viewer participation in what they are watching and stimulate positive outcomes. Hotel Transition can serve as a metaphor for how America could care for its suddenly homeless citizens during temporary transition – and as a vehicle for raising awareness and educating the general public that homelessness could happen to them.


As a result of viewer response and generosity, each episode will feature segments on residents from the previous episode receiving substantive help and eventually finding the rainbow at the end of the storm and checking out of Hotel Transition to embark on a fresh start. The higher the guest turnover, the greater the success of the series.


The Guests

In each episode following the first three (during which the initial guests will be arriving), there will be 18 stories playing out weekly based on the following age, family status and gender demographics:

Single Residents – gender mix of 2 youth, 2 adults, 2 seniors and 2 veterans

Couples – 4 couples of various ages                                                                 

Single Parents – 2 single parents w/1 child each                                            

Single parents – 2 single parents w/2 children each                                       

Families – 1 family w/2 adults – 1 child & 1 family w/2 adults and 2 children 

As guests receive help and successfully move on, new guests will move in to replace them. After-care and occasional follow-up coverage will be provided.


The Chudwig Group & Pilot Rock Productions

The Chudwig Group, Inc. of Medford, Oregon, is successor to Bijou Productions, Inc. and consists of the seasoned production team that created the original 1980’s hit PBS series Matinee at the Bijou and was followed in 2003 by the award-winning and critically-acclaimed Uncle Sam Movie Collection.

Producer Bob Campbell conceived the Hotel Transition concept and has a knack for developing successful original series. In 1980 he successfully promoted his passion for preserving classic films into one of PBS’s top-rated national shows and helped sustain its popularity for eight consecutive years; and Bob’s idea for the original Uncle Sam Movie Collection anthology series continues to find favor with schools, libraries and film fans.

Pilot Rock Productions (formerly COBI Digital HD) based in Southern Oregon has been the premiere state-of-the-art production house between Portland and San Francisco for over 30 years, and is the nucleus for many national productions – among them Matinee at the Bijou, the Uncle Sam Movie Collection, and a reality series for The Outdoor Channel.


Vision for the Hotel Transition Campus

Lafayette Legacy Construction, Inc. (LLC) is a privately owned and operated construction firm that has been building premier structures in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1997. To meet the needs of a diverse clientele, LLC has developed expertise in a broad range of architectural styles and designs.

This has distinguished LLC as the Bay Area’s leading specialist in high-end custom construction. LLC has received multiple accolades and recognition including having a home featured in Home & Garden Magazine.

Lafayette Legacy’s Founder/President Mike O’Brien and CFO Mike Baldridge are leading the concept development, design and construction of the first in a series of Hotel Transition campuses to be built in Medford, Oregon.


 Phase One:  The First Hotel Transition Campus

 The Hotel Transition Campus

- Main Hotel                                                                – Outdoor Area(s)

- Housing Wings 1 and 2                                             – Vegetable Garden / Green House

- Activity Area                                                              - Parking Areas

- Meditation Garden                                                    – Driveways

Main Hotel – First Floor:                                    Main Hotel – Second Floor:

♦ Front Porch                                                              ♦ Manager’s Office                              

♦ Reception Lobby                                                      ♦ Producer’s Office

♦ Film Crew Area                                                        ♦ Small Studio                                    

♦ Living Room                                                             ♦ Editing Suite

♦ Dining Room                                                            ♦ Balcony overseeing Terrace area

♦ Utility Room

♦ Library w/ computer work stations, resource books and materials.

♦ Restrooms

Housing Wings 1 and 2

♦ Twelve (12) living areas / suites per wing

♦ Laundry Rooms (one per wing)

 Activity Area                                                                                                           

♦ Activities Center

♦ Playground Area

Meditation Garden

Outdoor Area(s) 

♦ Terrace – w/ outdoor cooking area                        

♦ Amphitheatre seating                                                          

♦ Patios                                                                                  

♦ Gazebo                                                                   

♦ Pond

♦ Creeks                                                                    

Vegetable Garden

Green House

Parking Areas

♦ Parking lot on west side of Main Hotel                    ♦ Parking lot adjacent to Housing Wing 1

♦ Parking lot on east side of Main Hotel                     ♦ Parking lot adjacent to Housing Wing 2


 ♦ Circular drive in front for access to Main Hotel and Campus

♦ Side drives for access to Housing Wings 1 and 2


Sustainable / Green Friendly Features:

-Solar panels on roofs of Housing Wings 1 and 2

-Wind Mills

-Zero Waste Facility (encouraging the reuse of all materials similar to the manner in which resources are used in nature).


Phase 2: Expansion of the Hotel Transition Franchise

Once the first Hotel Transition campus has been completed and the national version of the television series established – the concept can be expanded into a national franchise of local Hotel Transition campuses around the country and perhaps the world.

We are establishing Hotel Transition Properties, Inc., as an Oregon LLC to serve as the legal entity and anchor for all international rights associated with all aspects of the venture, and to serve as the umbrella entity to contract with a TV network and other entities. Chudwig has registered the treatment for Hotel Transition with the Writer’s Guild and secured the relevant domain names.

The Hotel Franchise concept has the power and potential to transform the American landscape with a grass roots jobs program much like Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was inspired by the economic hardships associated with the Great Depression.


For investment information and a complete copy of the Hotel Transition proposal (including conceptual layouts of the Main Hotel and the Hotel Transition Campus) please contact Lafayette Legacy Construction, Inc. at (925) 299-1381.